Looking to use Knock, Offerpad, Mark Spain, etc.?

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Interested in knowing what Offer Pad, Knock, We Buy Ugly Houses, Mark Spain, etc are looking for in buying someones' home?

Using our partner, Property Homes of America, I am giving you an idea of what homes typically will not qualify for quick purchase schemes:

(Note: Besides the Condition of the house, they look at HOA's, property type, and other aspects of the property that may hinder a resale of the property.)

- Homes must be in good cosmetic and structural condition, in Home Partners’ discretion.
- Home Partners will not purchase homes that are over 100 years old.
- Home Partners will not purchase homes over 30 years old that are in original condition or with obsolete floorplans.
- Homes must have updated plumbing and electrical (e.g. no polybutylene or galvanized plumbing, aluminum branch wiring, cloth wiring).
- All homes must be 100% completed prior to submittal.
- Home Partners will not purchase homes with incomplete rehab projects or structures on the premises that are in disrepair.
- Homes with a door on an upper level must have a balcony, deck or staircase built on the exterior.
- Homes with liens, open permits or unpermitted rehab work will not be considered.
- Homes must have central air conditioning (exceptions may apply in CO, OR, MN, PA and WA). All new construction homes must have central AC regardless of location.
- Homes must not have any environmental hazards (e.g. mold, lead paint, vermiculite insulation, asbestos, etc.).
- Homes built in Maryland before 1978 must have a Lead Free Certificate (contact Home Partners for specifics).
- Homes with seepage or subject to flooding will not be considered.
- Homes must have a structurally sound foundation. All structural issues must be remedied and resulting collateral damage repaired.
- Home Partners will not consider homes with dirt driveways.
- Homes with a history of sinkholes anywhere on or near the property will not be considered.
- Home Partners will not purchase houses that have sunrooms with glass ceilings.
- Home Partners will not purchase homes with synthetic stucco facades.


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